Beckoning Song of the Soul


The questions and exercises in this book are designed to open up a conscious dialog between your body and soul. ISBN: 0-9660418-0-1



Beckoning Song of Your Soul,
A Guidebook for Developing Your Intuition

 Nancy Marie taught adults and children how to use their breath, and the sound of their voice to restore balance and well-being in their body and mind for many years. Since there was a great interest in the techniques she had created, and she was unable to travel extensively Nancy wrote the Beckoning Song of Your Soul, and created a companion tape to share her techniques with the world.

Nancy’s pen and ink drawings, and their companion stories illustrate the information in a clear and poetic manner, gently drawing the reader in to create a whole brain learning experience. The simple and effective tools taught in this book can then help you restore whole brain functioning and change your life.

This is not a book to rush through. You will discover that the more you actively participate and do the seemingly simple exercises, the deeper your understanding of your own intuition will grow. There is a great difference between knowing something in your mind and knowing something intuitively with every cell of your being. This book is designed to help you reconnect with and develop the second kind of wisdom.

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