Passage of Change


The I Create What I Believe! Program is inspired by this life-changing fable based on the work of Bruce Lipton, PhD. ISBN: 0-9660418-2-8



Passage of Change,
A fable based on the Research of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Nancy Marie’s charming pen and ink drawings and prose-poetry gently draws the reader into an insightful story of self-discovery and transformation. Whether she is illustrating the science of our cells, or how we acquire our fundamental beliefs about life, she has presented Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research in such a playful manner that she engages the reader’s whole brain, thus creating a pathway in support of new conscious awareness and change. Once that understanding is present you can begin to view life from a new perspective and actively change your old beliefs and your life.

This deceptively simple tale unmasks a profound truth—that the person you have apparently become isn’t necessarily who you are. Passage of Change, A fable based on the Research of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. is a great way to share Dr. Lipton’s life-changing research with your children and students. Reading it out loud while letting your heart lead—rather than your logic—can help you reduce stress, restore balance and find your way back to your authentic self.

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