Beckoning Song – Excerpts


“By nature, we were designed to be fully seeing, breathing and feeling beings. It is the stress, pressure and tension of our current society that actually perpetuates the disconnection from our intuitions, and consequently, from our spirits. And from that place of “spirit disconnection,” it is difficult for us to stay in touch with what’s really important. So slow yourself down and disconnect yourself, instead, from those things in your life that prevent you from being with you.”

“Your true voice is like home base; it feeds you and recharges your spirit. Suspended in its sound is the blueprint of your soul. When you disconnect from your true voice or soul sound, it’s difficult to remember who you really are and why you are here. By teaching and training your body to vibrate, once again, to the sound and song of your soul, you can be one–not only with yourself, but with the whole Universe. This very small change can have a profound effect on all of your life.Once you start vibrating your body to the sounds of your soul, it will be almost impossible to live a life that is not supportive of your soul. Basically, it will be difficult to be in denial anymore. The story that follows reflects this awareness.

“When I was in college I met an amazing man, Hal, who was also attending the same college. He was 82 years old, which was difficult to believe because I had never met anyone who was more alive than him. He was very active on campus. You would see him at almost any activity you went to. He was unbelievably vital. One day over tea I asked him what his secret to life was. He responded, with a twinkle in his eye, ‘I sing in the morning, and I dance at night. And I only do what I want to do. The other takes too much energy!'”

“It’s very easy to lose track of the life your spirit really needs. The woman in the following story got caught up in a web of life she thought she wanted. But when her real calling became evident, she was able to create what she had wanted all along but hadn’t know how to find.

“Many years ago I worked at a clinic owned by a woman named Alicia. She was there for everyone and had a heart of gold. For no visible reason, though, she was always in some kind of crisis. It was as if a cloud of chaos and confusion surrounded her at all times. If it wasn’t money problems, it was health problems. If it wasn’t health problems, it was relationship problems. As time passed it became more distressing and exhausting to be around her. Eventually her business failed even though she was good at what she did.“Several years later we bumped into each other. I hardly recognized her, she was so different. She told me that after her business folded, she did some deep soul searching. She said she finally came to terms with the fact that she wasn’t happy as a businesswoman and that her real loves were music and gardening. She decided to follow her heart. She was currently singing with a group of women and working at a nursery. ‘This is the life I was looking for,’ she said, beaming. ‘I feel at peace and connected to life again.’“‘It’s kind of funny,’ she continued. ‘I gave up what I really wanted to do because I felt I needed a stable life, and now that I’m connected to myself and doing what makes me happy, I feel far more stable than ever before.'”