Out of the Box


The I Create What I Believe! Program illustrated in this wonderful educational tool for enhancing self-empowerment. ISBN: 0-9660418-3-6



“Have you ever felt stuck or boxed in?
And wished a new life would soon begin?”

Nancy’s humorous drawings and poetry gently leads us though a classic life-challenge scenario that many of us have experienced in different ways, and provides us with a clear path back to our authentic self. Quantum physics and leading-edge biology collectively emphasize the primal role of mind in the creation of our life experiences. Making use of this science, Nancy Marie’s Out of the Box and Into Yourself! has created a wonderful educational tool for enhancing self-empowerment in both adults and children alike. It is so versatile that it can be used in a therapeutic setting, in the classroom, and in the home environment to stimulate growth-promoting conversation.

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