Passage of Change – Testimonials


“I loved this book, especially the poetry. It is a little masterpiece, both whimsical and profound. It expresses one of the most significant truths known to humankind-that by changing our attitudes and beliefs we can change the quality of our lives.”Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., President, Intuition Network
Author of The Roots of Consciousness and The PK Man
Host of Thinking Allowed television series



“Nancy Marie has created a simple, yet profound prose-poem with charming illustrations, so we can’t help but be drawn in, whether it be to the life of a cell or the habitual thoughts that occupy our mind. She gently reveals a powerful truth about how intimately connected our bodies and minds really are, and returns us to a quiet innocence.”

Penney Peirce
Author of The Intuitive Way, The Present Moment, and Dreams for Dummies


Passage of Change opens us to the possibility of rebirth in each moment of life. By changing our beliefs not only do we transform our own body, heart and mind, but we transform our relationship with other people, animals, plants or the Earth itself. It is said that `good things come in small packages.’ If enough of us take to heart the wisdom between the pages of this diminutive book there may well be hope in this final hour.”Sharon Callahan, Animal Communication Specialist
Author of Healing Animals Naturally with Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening


“Nancy Marie’s deceptively simple tale unmasks a profound truth…that who you have become isn’t necessarily who you are. Read Passage of Change with your heart, not with your mind, to find your way back to you.”

Karla Maree, Certified Nutrition Consultant
Pathways to Health


Passage of Change touched my heart with its direct and timeless message of hope. Fables have always been a direct way to share truth by bypassing the intellect and getting right to the heart of the matter. Nancy’s words and art remind us that we can transform restrictive perceptions that perpetuate suffering and ill health and gently move ourselves into a more connected way of holding and enjoying life.”David Schanaker, D.C. Founder of Wellspring Center for Healing in Stinson Beach, CA
Chi Gong and Wu Style Tai Chi Instructor


“…just to say how very much I enjoyed reading aloud Passage of Change. Certainly you are bringing back the age-old custom of allowing the sound in the meaning to resonate throughout the body-along with the images that appear. Wonderful experience!”

Marion Woodman, Author
The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter, Addiction to Perfection, The Pregnant Virgin, The Ravaged Bridegroom, Leaving My Father’s House, Conscious Femininity, Dancing in the Flames, Home to Myself, The Maiden King and Bone