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‘Within each of us is a natural treasure of inner wisdom—and understanding of purpose and a sense of mission in life. It is always there, as a source of strength and guidance, but many of us have forgotten how to listen to the depths of our own soul. The Beckoning Song of Your Soul, by Nancy Marie is a book about how to recover our native wisdom. It is beautifully written by someone who truly knows. I highly recommend this book.’
Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., President, Intuition Network Host, Thinking Allowed national public television series, Author, “The Roots of Consciousness”  

“Nancy Marie has developed an effective series of exercises in which the resonance of the voice creates vibrational patterns that help to balance the human body and reduce stress. When this happens, the prefrontal cortex reactivates, our intuition increases, and we function on a higher level.”
(excerpt from Foreword)
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Author of Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

“The Beckoning Song of Your Soul is a must-read. Full of great stories and helpful exercises, Nancy Marie’s excellent book will teach you to use your intuition in a practical, and effective way. This book can change your life.”
Erik Oleson, Psychotherapist, Speaker and Author of “Mastering the Winds of Change

“Nancy Marie has given us not just a book, but an important stepping stone for inner growth. In accessible, unassuming language, using vivid examples and warmly calligraphed vignettes, she reveals and exemplifies to us the power of finely tuned, still observation towards the inner and outer worlds. From that firm point on, the tree of our knowledge can only grow. Her voice is authentic, receptive, and playful-yet targeted. This book is inviting and freeing like a garden walk.
Anca Hariton Author/Illustrator of Butterfly Story and Dandelion Adventures

“If you find yourself searching/for something to make you whole./Then I think your are indeed/in search of your soul./” This statement from The Beckoning Song of Your Soul slapped me across the face and made me ask myself some brutally honest questions. It also affected my dreams intensely. This is a sweet book about developing your intuition. Honestly and clearly developing the ability to listen to your inner knowing is essential to finding your soul, and this book helps you do just that.

Nancy Marie is a world-renowned psychic and has taught thousands of people to get in touch with and develop their intuition. Her insights and teaching abilities speak wonderfully through this book as she give people such tools as toning, grounding, recapturing joy and reconnection with nature. Many indigenous people believe a person wasn’t whole until the person was able to sing their own song. This books show you how to find your personal song and sing it loud…”
Magic Blend Magazine